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5 Best Cases for Google Pixel 7 / 7 Pro Australia

The Google Pixel 7 / 7 Pro has just released in Australia and it’s set to be one of the most widely used android flagships smartphones of 2022. The device is powerful and highly functional. However, as is the norm, each user would do well to protect the device from damage. One of the best ways to do this is by using a protective case. Below you’ll find our top 5 best cases for Google Pixel 7 / 7 Pro in Australia. Wondering where you can see, touch and feel these cases in person before buying? Case Shop has drop-in retail hubs in Brisbane and Sydney where you can checkout these cases before you buy. Remember – protecting your Google Pixel 7 / 7 Pro with a quality case will go along way in protecting your wallet against expensive screen repairs.

Otterbox Symmetry Clear Case

Google Pixel 7 Pro Otterbox Symmetry
Otterbox Symmetry for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Case Shop

If you want a mask with an ultra-sleek design, the Otterbox Symmetry Clear Case is the right choice. It’s engineered in a way to remain clear even after long-term use. Its edges are raised, which will keep your phone’s screen off surfaces. This will prevent scratches and damage from accruing over time. It also works with Magsafe and wireless charging pads. The materials that have been used in the design of the case are compatible 5G. The mask is of an antimicrobial property, which will help protect it from many common bacteria. The active ingredient, in this regard, is silver phosphate glass. The mask comes with a limited lifetime warranty and access to quality customer service care.

The mask’s dimensions are 6.37 in x 3.14 in x 0.60 in / 161.84 mm x 79.84 mm x 15.16 mm. Its weight is 0.10 lbs / 43.12 g. The materials used in the creation of the mask are synthetic rubber and polycarbonate

EFM Alta Case Armour with D30 Crystalex

EFM Alta Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro
EFM Alta with D30 for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Case Shop

With this sleek-looking protective mask, you’ll get to protect your Google Pixel 7 phone. One of the best things about this case is that it’s tested to protect the phone from a 3.6-meter drop. This should cover almost every single drop that inadvertently occurs as we use a phone. The EFM Alta Case Armour is infused with an antimicrobial solution which is shown to kill 99.99% of microbes. Lastly, the EFM Alta Case is build from D30® Crystalex. This is shown to be the most protective transparent material in the world and used exclusive in EFM and Gear4 cases

Case-Mate Tough Clear Antimicrobial Case

Case Mate for Google Pixel 7 Pro
Case Mate Tough Clear Antimicrobial Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Case Shop

This case offers fantastic level of protection from drops. It’s also very slim in profile and it doesn’t take away from the visual elegance of the phone. There are several features, such as cushioned corners and BPA-free non-toxic plastic. The sides are soft and flexible, too. Lastly, this mask has gotten the antimicrobial treatment, too. So, the phone will be protected from microbes, as well.

Otterbox Defender Case

Otterbox defender for google pixel 7 pro
Otterbox Defender Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Case Shop

The Otterbox Defender Case has a world-class reputation when it comes to Google Pixel 7 protective masks. It has a multi-layered construction. This strengthens the foundation of the phone, making it resist bumps, drops, scrapes, and dirt. The Otterbox Defender Case is wireless ready, too. You can charge the phoen with MagSafe and Qui Charging, too. There’s also a holster that’s included. It can be used as a hands-free kickstand or as a belt clip. The mask is compatible with 5G networks. It’s been known to las for a long time and withstand wear and tear. 

The dimensions of the Otterbox Defender Case are 6.77 in x 3.66 in x 1.29 in / 171.97 mm x 92.88 mm x 32.81 mm. Its weight is 0.30 lbs / 134.39 g. There’s the polycarbonate shell, the polycarbonate holster, and the synthetic rubber slipcover. As a last piece of information about this mask – it’s made with over 50% recycled plastic.

Gear4 Crystal Palace Case

Gear4 Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro
Gear4 Crystal Palace Case for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Case Shop

With this wireless charging compatible mask, you’ll get to protect your Pixel 7 / 7 Pro. Due to the use of D3O materials, the case will keep the phone safe from 13ft falls. What’s more, the material used in the backplate is PC. This material is also used in the creation of bulletproof glass. This should tell you that the Gear4 Crystal Palace Case will keep your phone safe from fall or scratch damage. It has a slim design, too, and it will look elegant on your phone. As is the case with the other masks on our list, the Gear4 Crystal Palace Case has antimicrobial protection. This will help protect you from more than 99% of bacteria as you use your phone in day-to-day activities.


The masks above are some of the best items that you can purchase for your Pixel 7 / 7 Pro. They will help protect your phone from fall damage and scratches. Many of them also come with a limited lifetime warranty. If keeping your phone safe as long as possible is your goal – then you ought to purchase a mask. The masks on our list come at a highly accessible prize, too. Moreover, they have free 30-day return policies, if you aren’t satisfied with the product in any way. Case Shop Australia is a supplier of Official Otterbox, EFM, GEar4 and Case Mate cases in Brisbane CBD and Sydney CBD. Our online store features free shipping,

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