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Best Protective iPhone Cases Australia

Are you on the hunt for the absolute best protective iPhone cases? It can be challenging to find the best iPhone case with so many options available. But don’t worry! No matter which iPhone you have, whether it is the latest iPhone 14 Pro-Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 or any other model, we have the perfect case for you. Our collection includes stylish and protective cases that are not only shockproof, but also give the ultimate drop protection to your precious phone.

We know there is a lot to consider when buying the best protective phone case. If you prefer a sleek and transparent phone case, the Tech 21 Evo Light case is an incredible choice, providing excellent protection while maintaining a slim profile. But if you are in need of the toughest iPhone case, the Otterbox Commuter series and Spigen Tough Armor are unbeatable options, built to withstand even the harshest drops. No matter your preferencewe have the ideal phone case to keep your iPhone safe and stylish.

So get ready to embark on a thrilling phone case shopping adventure! In this article, we have compiled a list of the best stylish and protective iPhone cases that cater to everyone’s needs. Read through the article to find the best protective phone case that not only keeps your smartphone secure, but also reflects your personal style.

1- The OtterBox Commuter-The Toughest iPhone case series


The OtterBox specializes in providing rugged `and durable iPhone cases, specifically the Commuter series are a popular choice for stylish and protective iPhone cases. With its layered design, the Commuter case provides an impressive three times more drop protection than the military standard. The OtterBox Commuter case even has a flap to cover the lightning port and keep out dust and debris. Whether you are looking for a protective phone case for iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 14, iPhone 12 or earlier version, this Otterbox commuter cases could be the good option for you.

An essential quality I found in OtterBox Commuter case is the safety and durability of my precious iphone.

Additionally the OtterBox commuter cases are compatible with Apple’s MagSafe charger.  Style-conscious individuals will also appreciate the range of color options available like blue, black, pink and teal color.

Pros Cons
Dual-layer protection Thick
Added grip  
Multiple color options  
MagSafe Compatible  

2- Torro Leather Wallet Case-The Best Protective Leather Case for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

2- Torro Leather Wallet Case-The Best Protective Leather Case for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

The Torro Leather Wallet Cases are carefully crafted using high-quality cowhide leather sourced from the UK. I recently bought Torro Leather case for my iphone 12 and found it the best leather case with great quality and modern look. Another notable feature of Torro case is a durable silicon frame and a soft microfiber lining to keep your phone’s screen safe, making it one of the best protective iPhone cases.


Most leather or folio cases for iPhone are thick and bulky, but you will find the Torro Leather case lightweight and slim. As a wallet case, it includes slots for cards and cash, and it comes with a magnetic clasp to securely keep it closed.

Pros Cons
Slim and lightweight Expensive

3- OtterBox FRE LifeProof-The Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 and 14 Series

3.OtterBox FRE LifeProof-The Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 and 14 Series

Water is one of the common causes of damage to iPhone. We often drop our cell phones on watery areas like toilets, pools sinks or showers. Using a waterproof case like the Otter Box FRE is a reliable way to protect your iPhone from water damage without sacrificing its features.

The OtterBox FRE cases are a top choice for your IPhone 13 and 14 series. Interestingly, the OtterBox FRE maintains MagSafe compatibility and allows easy access to volume buttons and the mute switch while keeping the phone sealed tight.


 I love this LifeProof case for its durability and MagSafe compatibility. You can get this LifeProof case in the range of only 25$ for your iPhone 12, 13 or 14 series. Despite its durability, it adds minimal bulk to your iPhone. Plus, these LifeProof cases are not only waterproof but also snow-proof and drop-proof . You can choose from black, blue or purple options to suit your style.

Pros Cons
Less bulky than other waterproof cases Limited use of touch-screen underwater
MagSafe compatible Difficult to put on and take off the case
Protective and durable  

4- Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim-The Best Budget-Friendly iPhone 11 Case

4.Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim- The Best Budget-Friendly iPhone 11 Case

The Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim is an excellent choice for those seeking a slim, protective and affordable iPhone case. These Kung Fu Cases are lightweight and easy to unbox and install. You would love to choose from various vibrant colors or even customize it with your favourite design for a small extra cost.

4.Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim- The Best Budget-Friendly iPhone 11 Case(2)

However, this case lacks drop-protection certification and does not have a raised bezel to protect the camera lenses. Despite these minor drawbacks, it is a recommended option for those on a tight budget looking for a protective iPhone case.

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight Less responsive buttons
Budget-friendly Only grippy on the sides
Multiple color options  

5- Spigen Tough Armor-The Best Protective iPhone Case with a Kickstand

5.Spigen Tough Armor-The Best Protective iPhone Case with a Kickstand

The Spigen Tough Armor is a highly attractive case for two reasons: It has military-grade protection and features a convenient foldaway kickstand. The Spigen Tough Armor is the best protective iPhone case, as it can safeguard your phone from drops of up to twelve feet onto concrete. You would love to defend your iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 14 with one of the toughest iPhone cases like Spigen Tough Armor.

I prefer Spigen Armor Case for its built in kickstand, perfect for watching videos or browsing the internet, but it only works horizontally. The Spigen is known for its durability and flexibility, but keep in mind these toughest iPhone cases are somewhat bulky and add some thickness to your phone.

5.Spigen Tough Armor-The Best Protective iPhone Case with a Kickstand(2)

Pros Cons
Dual-layer drop protection Only Landscape mode kickstand
Integrated low-profile kickstand Bulky and expensive
Externally durable  

6- Tech21 Evo Lite Case-The Best Transparent iPhone case

6. Tech21 Evo Lite Case-The Best Transparent iPhone case

Sometimes you seek a sleek and transparent cover to showcase your brand-new iPhone. If you are looking for a clear phone case that offers excellent drop protection, the Tech21Evo Lite case is a perfect choice among the best protective iPhone cases. Not only does it provide up to 10 feet of drop protection to your iPhone but also features self-cleaning technology to keep it clean and hygienic.

 With a raised bezel around the camera, Evo Lite offers the best balance in design and protection. Plus, it does not add bulk to the phone, making it convenient for pocket storage.

6.Tech21 Evo Lite Case-The Best Transparent iPhone case(2)

Pros Cons
Lightweight Gets greasy if your hands are sweaty or oily
Superior drop protection  
Non-slip grip  

Main Points to Consider when Choosing the Best Protective iPhone Case:

When choosing the best iPhone cases, keep these points in mind:

·         Prefer protection:

 Look for cases that meet military drop test standards or provide specific information on their durability and protective features.

  • Find the right balance:

Consider the level of bulkiness you are comfortable with. Remember that cases offering higher protection usually come with more bulk.

  • Personal style matters:

 Choose a case that offers the desired level of protection while aligning with your personal style preferences.


Finding the best protective iPhone case can be a difficult task, but don’t worry our extensive research and analysis will guide you in the right direction. Our selection includes premium options that cater to every budget and iPhone models. Whether you are looking for a rugged case like the OtterBox Commuter, a stylish leather wallet case from Torro, a waterproof option like the OtterBox FRE, a budget-friendly choice with the Smartish Kung Fu Grip Slim, a case with a kickstand like the Spigen Tough Armor or a transparent option like the Tech21 Evo Lite, we have the perfect case for you. Consider factors such as durability, design, and personal style when making your decision. Protect your iPhone in style with the best protective case that suits your needs and preferences.

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